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Low Commission Rate
At Leo Hobby, we understand the importance of maximizing your profits. That's why we offer one of the lowest commission rates in the industry at just 12%. This means more earnings for you compared to other marketplaces that charge significantly higher fees.

Reach a Global Audience

Expand your reach and showcase your products to a diverse, global audience. Our marketplace attracts customers from EU, USA, UK and Canada who are eager to discover unique and sustainable products.

Customer Support

Our dedicated support team is here to help you every step of the way. Whether you need assistance setting up your store, managing your listings, or navigating our platform, we're here to ensure your success.

Community of Artisans

Join a supportive community of like-minded artisans and creators. Share tips, collaborate on projects, and grow together in an environment that values creativity and craftsmanship.

Sustainable and Ethical Focus
Leo Hobby is committed to promoting sustainable and ethically-sourced products. By joining our marketplace, you align your brand with our values and attract customers who prioritize eco-friendly and fair-trade practices.

Secure and Reliable Payments
Our secure payment system ensures that your transactions are safe and reliable. Receive payments promptly and with peace of mind, knowing that your financial information is protected.

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