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Nurge Wood Effect Plastic Embroidery Hoop with Screw

Nurge Wood Effect Plastic Embroidery Hoop with Screw

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Nurge Wood Effect Embroidery Hoop is an embroidery hoop moulded from a brown/bronze plastic to give a wood effect look with a pure brass knurled adjustment screw and inside groove to hold fabric tight.

Product size:  Hoop depth 10 mm x 177 mm (7”)
Hoop depth 10 mm x 228 mm (9”)

With a pure brass screw adjuster.  

The inner side of the frame has a ‘set’ in the moulding, which is a raised ridge on the inside of the outer ring which sits inside a groove on the outside of the inner ring. This enables the material to be stretched tightly and held securely without sliding after tightening the adjusting screw.

*Please note sizes are taken across the Middle of the hoop. Imperial (inch) sizes are approximate. 

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