Collection: Nurge Embroidery Hoops | Embroidery Stands | Punch Needle Sets

Nurge Embroidery hoops of superior quality and are made from Hard Beech Wood. These are finely sanded and hand polished for a super-smooth natural wood finish.The adjustment screw and threaded angle bracket fittings are made from pure brass and polished for a rich, striking gold color look. This improves the presentation of your work.

Nurge Flexi Hoops are a superb and quick way to attach your embroidery, cross-stitch or needlework fabric. They hold the tension really well.  With a stretchy rubberised wood-grained outer, the Nurge Flexihoop Picture frames are a visually attractive way to display your work. They come with a decorative hook to hang them.

Nurge high-quality Square (rectangular) ABS Plastic Embroidery Hoops are perfect for most styles of needlecraft, embroidery & cross stitch. They make it easy to sew into corners. There is a notch in one hoop that fits into a groove on the other that keeps the fabric firm when sewing.

Nurge Wood Effect Plastic Embroidery Hoop is an embroidery hoop moulded from a brown/bronze plastic to give a wood effect look with a pure brass knurled adjustment screw. The inner side of the frame has a ‘set’ in the moulding, which is a raised ridge on the inside of the outer ring which sits inside a groove on the outside of the inner ring. This enables the material to be stretched tightly and held securely without sliding after tightening the adjusting screw.

Nurge Spring embroidery hoops keep needlework projects taut and smooth. The hoop has two parts- a plastic ring and a metal ring that flexes and can be fitted into the groove on the plastic ring. Super easy to use, spring tension hoops eliminate the need to tighten screws, but can be quite firm as they need to keep the fabric taut. 

Nurge Beech Wood Hanging Display Hoops are ideal to display your design as they are a continuous frame with no join or screw to spoil the look. They come with an antique hanging loop.

The Embroidery Stand Allows easy embroidering using both hands. It can be used as a table-top stand, from the floor or from a chair.