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Leo Hobby  |  SKU: 190-1

190-1 Nurge Adjustable Wooden Embroidery Seat Stand

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The Nurge adjustable embroidery seat stand  190-1 is made from hard beechwood, fine sanded and polished for a super smooth natural wood finish. They are the crafter’s choice for quality. 

The seat embroidery stand allows easy embroidering using both hands. It can be used as a table-top stand but is ideally designed to be a seat stand by sitting on the lower base tucked under your legs allowing comfort and creativity at the same time!

The stand has a height-adjustable joint (minimum height 32cm ( 12.6″), maximum height 48cm (19″), plus a hoop holding knuckle joint that will pivot to any angle so that you can find the optimum height, distance and angle depending on your hoop size for maximum comfort while creating your next masterpiece!

The stand will hold many sized hoops. Typically 100mm to 310mm (4″ to 12″) and hoops up to and including 16mm deep. The hoop can either be clamped top to bottom or from the inside to the outside with the screw tightening down on the outer side of the hoop.

*Nurge stands do not come with hoops, they are for illustration purposes only.

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