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Circulo Premium T-shirt Yarn 270 gr (439061432512)

Circulo Premium T-shirt Yarn 270 gr (439061432512)


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Designs made with t-shirt yarn have a unique result. Get ready to be amazed by the Premium T-shirt Yarn from Circulo! It is lightweight, soft, seamless, and has the same thickness throughout the entire length. Everything that an artisan is looking for! In addition, the yarn has an impressive color chart: available in 31 colors to suit any crochet and knitting designs with easy-to-use center-pull yarn.

Technical Information

Yarn yardage and weight: 153.1 yds / 9.5 oz 
Composition: 94% Polyester and 6% Elastane
Knit gauge (4 in x 4 in): 11 s x 11 r
Crochet gauge (4 in x 4 in): 8 sc x 4 r
Total of Colors: 31

    Origin: Brazil 

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