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KnitPro Nova Metal Starter Interchangeable Circular Needles Set (10604)

KnitPro Nova Metal Starter Interchangeable Circular Needles Set (10604)


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This set includes three most commonly used needle sizes plus 3 cable lengths, packaged in a clear vinyl case. 

Interchangeable Nova needles allow you to switch cables and needle tips with ease. You can be sure of a smooth join every time. Cables are twist-free and easy to store.

These needles are made of hollow brass pipes, smooth to touch, with gradually tapered points and shiny polished surface, they are completely a knitter’s delight. The light and strong brass, has several advantages. The hollow needles ensure light weight, which makes the needles quite comfortable to use so you may knit for hours without getting sore hands and fingers. The strength of brass is your guarantee of minimum wear and maximum durability. 


Set of 3 sizes of Nova Interchangeable. The thickness of the needles in this set: 4.00 mm, 5.00 mm, 6.00 mm

Circular Needles packed in a clear vinyl pouch.


  • 3 Cables (60 cm/24", 80 cm/32" and 100 cm/40'')
  • 6 End caps
  • 3 Cable keys
  • 1 set of cable connectors 


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